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frengate's frenscore

Rank your loyal keyholders with our very own frenscore! Redistribute and reward your holders fairly

frenscore Calculation

What is the frenscore system?

Have you encountered challenges when it comes to ranking your dedicated key holders in the friend tech community? Look no further than our frenscore ranking system, designed to provide fair rankings using our scoring system. Make use of the calculator to distribute rewards fairly to your keyholders!

The Difference between the frenScore and frenScore %

The frenscore displays the total number of points racked up by each user for holding your shares. The frenscore percentage displays the percentage of this points - however there is also a 5% cap set at the moment to ensure that the rewards can be fairly distributed.

What do we take into consideration?

  1. number of shares/keys the holder is holding

  2. duration of shares/keys the holder has held

  3. minimum duration of shares/keys the holder has held

  4. timeframe

How is the frenscore calculated?

We've shared the full calculation model in the next page, for users who would like to look deeper into how it works.

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