Creators linking their Discord Community

Follow these simple steps to create and configure your Discord server if you would like to link it to your Friend Tech community:

  1. Access Frengate

    • Open your web browser and navigate to

    • On the Frengate website, you will be prompted to sign in. Please do so using your integrated wallet

  2. Import Your FriendTech Wallet

    • Ensure you have the wallet associated with your FriendTech account ready

    • Access your wallet's private key from your FriendTech app settings

    • Import this wallet into your preferred wallet extension (e.g. Metamask)

  1. Create Your Community Group

    • Click on "Manage Group" located in the top right corner.

    • To establish your group, you'll need to burn a specific amount of $FGATE tokens, which depends on your key price.

  1. frengate Your Discord Server:

    • After completing the token burn, you're ready frengate your Discord server.

    • Connect your Discord account to Frengate and add the Frengate bot to your chosen Discord server.

  1. Customize Your Group Settings:

    • Successfully linking your Telegram channel to Frengate grants you access to a customizable settings page.

    • Here, you can configure the following settings:

    • Strict Mode (DISCORD-ONLY): This feature allows you to control Discord members based on key ownership. Scan and remove members in your group who do not hold your keys. Disable this feature if you want to invite people who do not hold your keys (e.g., Friends and Family).

    • Allow New Joins: Toggle this OFF if you wish to restrict your group to existing key holders only.

    • Minimum Shares: Adjust this setting to increase or decrease the minimum number of shares required for members to join your community.

    • Expiration Date: This indicates the expiration date of your current Frengate community subscription. To extend this date, you can burn more $FGATE tokens.

These settings provide you with the flexibility to tailor your Discord server to meet the specific requirements of your community. Enjoy building and managing your community through Frengate!

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