FrenScore Calculation

The fair way to reward loyal share holders.

There are many FriendTech creators (subjects) who are unable to come up with a fair system to reward their holders (traders) for investing in their share. Frengate solves this by implementing a point system to fairly reward their holders (traders) for their investments in creator shares. This system operates across multiple timeframes, including 7 days (short-term), 30 days (medium-term), and all time (long-term).

Shares from Previous Selected Timeframe

You are given the flexibility to select the timeframe of their choice. The currently offered timeframes are 7d, 14d, 30d and an All Time timeframe. This allows you to view their most loyal holders of the week, every 2 weeks, every 30 days or of all time. We believe this allows creators to have the flexibility to choose when to fairly reward their holders

  • Shares from previous timeframes refer to shares out of the current timeframe. For example, if a one selects a 7 day timeframe, a share that was bought 8 days ago is out of the current timeframe. This share would thus be considered a "long-term" share and worth slightly more in points

  • Shares from the previous selected timeframes are worth 2 pts /24h held

  • We believe this model would encourage holders to hold their shares for longer-periods of time

Shares Bought from the Current Selected Timeframe

This refers to shares bought within the selected timeframe. Shares bought from the current selected timeframe have a tiered points model. This provides smaller shareholders with a slight advantage over larger shareholders. The tiered point model is shown below

  • Tiered Points Model:

    • Holders with 1 - 2 shares held: 1.5 pts/24h held

    • Holders with 3 - 5 shares held: 1.25 pts/24h held

    • Holders with 6+ shares held: 1 pt/24h held

Shares Bought and Sold Within 24 Hours

In the case where a share has been bought and sold within 24 hours, the share would not be avoided any points. Holders will have to hold shares for a minimum of 24 hours in order for the share to be valid.

  • Encourages holders to hold shares for a minimum of 24 hours

  • Discourages holders from quick-flipping large amounts for points

No Points for Holders Who Sold All Shares

In the case where a holder has sold all shares, the holder will not be awarded any points. All existing points will be voided

Maximum Rewards Cap

In addition to the frenscore displayed on our site, we also display a percentage value. This displays how much the holder points are worth as a percentage of all the points. However, we've capped the maximum percentage a holder could get to 5%. This is to ensure a fair distribution and no excessive point accumulation by bigger holders.

  • A maximum point cap for the timeframe will be implemented.

  • No holder can get more than 5% of the prize pool

  • This cap prevents excessive point accumulation, ensuring fairness in distribution.

  • We believe creators could use this percentage to fairly distribute any earnings and rewards to their loyal holders

The earned points are subsequently converted into a percentage by dividing them by the total points accumulated within the community, ensuring a proportional representation of each holder's contribution.

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